Himself and self attended a wedding last night!
Was wonderful to get in touch with some old friends, and celebrate one of himself's favorite tennis friends getting married. Also I love this picture of himself...v. dashing in the clothes we have found for him at H+M that fit him better! :) Is other story, as well as irony of self dressing in fancy tiny dress and then keeping coat on most of night because chilly. Can hardly wait for summer!
But something also funny happened at the reception...! First of all, they had a very yummiest dinner laid out - lots of fruits and veggies and some chicken skewers and rolls. I was delighted with the fruits and veggies! Especially because had squeezed in run between work and wedding so had skipped foods. Hurray for yummy edibles! Annnd they had wine that self could even sit and sip during wedding - truly lovely way of having wedding...

Also had a tier of lovely looking cupcakes for desserts. But when it came time for dessert, and himself procuring cupcake, found could not decide between cupcake and more veggies! A dilemma have never previously encountered, surely! Himself thought this hilarious and suggested self could only have more veggies if tried the asparagus. (Self abhors asparagus! Is smelly like overcooked corn and tastes of overripe brussel sprouts. Which also do not like.)

This was conundrum. Cupcake or veggies with asparagus?

In end chose veggies hoping asparagus would be gone...was not, was one left...!

Tasted quickly while himself still away from table in case needed to remove asparagus in stealth move.


Was tasty.

Not best veggie ever, but was not loath-ful.

Perhaps am getting old and losing taste buds! Experienced confusing conflation of emotions of excitement because asparagus is v. healthful veggie, would like to like, am not used to liking, is v. strange.

Himself enjoyed cupcake with amused laughter on the side.


Kristiana said...

Cute post! I made scrambled eggs today with mushrooms and asparagus (and mozzarella). It was so good! But then I've liked asparagus for a while.

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